Research & Promising Practices Reports

Massachusetts 2020 recently released the 2010-2011 Update on the Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Initiative. Schools with four years of expanded time are demonstrating impressive increases in their proficiency rates across all grades and all tested subjects, including over 8 point gains in ELA and nearly 20 points gains in Math. As the ELT Initiative Update illustrates, ELT Schools are proving that, when combined with quality teaching and a commitment to student achievement, expanded learning time can be a powerful lever for change.

The Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time 2007-2008 Annual Report looks at the continued success of ELT and explores how redesigned school days are engaging students, teachers and the community and enhancing the educational experience.

This report analyzes the effective practices of eight public schools which feature at least fifteen percent more time than the conventional schedule. The study dissects how these schools – which we chose specifically because they had demonstrated success – managed to organize, staff, pay for and sustain a school built around more time and to understand how these educators believe the additional time strengthens their capacity to enable all students to achieve proficiency. The research was conducted with generous support from the L.G. Balfour Foundation, a Bank of America Company.


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