Stronger Communities

Community organizations provide a rich source of vibrant partnerships for schools. Expanded learning time opens up possibilities for internships, community service projects, and the chance to learn directly from business and community leaders.

Did you know?

The after school hours are the time of day when kids are most likely to engage in risky behaviors.

More time gives schools opportunities to work with community partners, providing another source of trusted adult mentors for students. When community organizations and leaders from different sectors – from business to cultural organizations to higher education – become deeply involved in a school, students benefit. And the adults do too.

With ELT, schools are also able to facilitate increased engagement with parents by more closely mirroring their workday schedule.

A longer school day can keep students engaged in constructive activities during the afternoon hours, between the end of the school day and the time when parents arrive home from work – the time when young people are most at risk.

  • On school days, children are most likely to be the victims of crime – including serious ones – between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.
  • The after school hours are the time of day when children are most likely to experiment with drugs.
  • Teens today devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes to watching TV and using other media each day, a sharp rise over the last decade.
  • Over 750,000 teen girls in the United States become pregnant each year or about 7% of all girls aged 15 – 19; the rate among Black and Hispanic girls is almost triple that of Caucasians.