This post originally appeared on the News and Updates section of the Time to Succeed Coalition.  

One con that I see consistently come up in the press around expanding the school day and/or year is the issue around transportation routes and schedules. 

This post by Elena Silva, originally appeared on The Quick & The Ed blog June 21, 2012.

Districts across the country are considering cutting the number of school days. The move is an extreme cost-savings measure, one that many are saying is unfortunate but necessary and unavoidable. 

This is a guest blog post from NCTL's Policy Associate, Kyle Linhares

In a new report, Boston-based Mass Insight Education researchers call for more sustained and better coordinated school reform and improvement efforts.   

Last Thursday, NCTL was invited by Teach Plus to participate in an evening of conversations with their Boston Teaching Policy Fellows.  Teach Plus is a three year-old and rapidly growing organization devoted to creating opportunities for teachers to engage in education leadership and policy, all while staying in the classroom. 

Earlier today, the National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL) submitted a very detailed comment on the Department of Education website urging the Department to incorporate expanded learning time in the upcoming round of Race to the Top, which is focused on individual school districts as opposed to states.

This blog post originally appeared in the News and Updates section of the Time to Succeed Coalition website. 

When I tell people what I do, an early question is often, "Well, what do teachers think about that?" And at times, if you follow the news, you'd think it is all negative and that teachers do not support expanding learning time.

With more than 600 schools participating, the Chicago Public Schools is taking on the nation’s most ambitious effort to date to expand learning time district-wide.

Expanding learning opportunities for students is a priority for Colorado’s education leaders, with budding initiatives in districts across the state.

This is a guest post by NCTL's Director of Communications & External Affairs, Blair Brown

At the risk of being too self-promotional, I am proud to announce that NCTL, with Ingram Content Media, has won our second Telly Award in two years for our videos featuring the work of expanded learning time schools. 

This is a guest post by Lisa Pryor, NCTL’s Senior Advisor for State & District Engagement.

There is nothing more exciting for us here at NCTL than engaging with schools about the power of expanded learning time to transform their work.