Follow the Leaders: Jennifer Davis and Chris Gabrieli

A year ago this fall, Jennifer Davis joined the Education Redesign Lab at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, bringing NCTL's expertise, tools, and intellectual property to the Lab and its By All Means initiative. Founded by one of NCTL's original co-chairs and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education, Paul Reville, the Education Redesign Lab has provided an important opportunity to leverage NCTL's national legacy.

Empower Schools

This new report, Increasing STEM Engagement & Knowledge Among K-8 Students: Effective Practices & Artifacts from the Massachusetts STEM ELT Network, provides details, examples, and project artifacts from the Massachusetts STEM ELT network.

Over the past two school years, the Massachusetts STEM ELT Network supported eight Massachusetts schools in expanding and improving their STEM offerings to build increased engagement and knowledge among their K-8 students. Key lessons learned are captured in this STEM Focused Schools video series.

Jennifer Davis, David Farbman

This important book, featuring a chapter by NCTL's Jennifer Davis and David Farbman, explores how education time can be expanded, reimagined, and reorganized in an effort to enhance the educational opportunities and outcomes of disadvantaged students.

Many years ago now I remember a phone call with John King, then New York Commissioner of Education, who expressed his concern about Buffalo Public Schools. We discussed the possibility of my organization, the National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL), providing support to some of Buffalo’s persistently low performing schools. I recall that our team felt that the district did not have stable leadership at the time or a strong educational plan for improving the schools. It would be difficult for any outside organization to provide enough support to see a measurable academic impact.  

Massachusetts students consistently rank at the top of the charts nationally and internationally, but these results do not tell the full story: while 4th and 8th graders had the highest performance on standardized tests in 2015, the Commonwealth’s achievement gap based on socioeconomic status was the third highest in the nation. Massachusetts students are performing extraordinarily well, but they are doing so in spite of yawning achievement and opportunity gaps.

Today I was interviewed by Maine Public Radio reporter Robbie Feinberg about a trend in Maine around early release days. In Maine, and across the country, schools are focused on providing teachers more professional learning time embedded within the school day. While I have long been an advocate for expanded, school-embedded teacher professional learning time and NCTL published a report, Time for Teachers, on its importance a few years back, I also believe strongly that students should not lose lea

Workin’ 9 to 5: How School Schedules Make Life Harder for Working Parents

The world has evolved dramatically since the public school schedule first took root. When the school day first evolved, millions of children—many as young as 10 years old—worked, and most mothers stayed at home. Today, child labor for the most part is outlawed, and 75 percent of women with school-age children work.


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