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From the Time Matters Blog

Over the years, we have often heard the concern that a longer school day would not work well for our youngest students because they would be unable to handle the demands of school for so many hours.  Our just-released report goes a long way toward showing that this concern may be misplaced by shedding light on the incredible benefits an expanded school day can have for young children, when designed thoughtfully. A longer school day for the early grades can be the platform upon which a more individualized, more well-rounded, and, in turn, less onerous learning experience takes shape.

Our Newest Publication

Creating Learning Environments in the Early Grades that Support Teacher and Student Success profiles three expanded-time elementary schools to demonstrate how a longer school day provides educators enhanced capacity to meet the needs of young learners and foster a well-rounded education.

Featured Resources

Morton Middle School, MA
Blended Learning and Expanded Learning Time Within Morton

This video depicts Silvia grade level meetings and how teachers collaborate within their grade levels with time built into the school day.