Follow the Leaders: Jennifer Davis and Chris Gabrieli

Press Date: 
Wednesday, November 29, 2017


A year ago this fall, Jennifer Davis joined the Education Redesign Lab at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, bringing NCTL's expertise, tools, and intellectual property to the Lab and its By All Means initiative. Founded by one of NCTL's original co-chairs and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education, Paul Reville, the Education Redesign Lab has provided an important opportunity to leverage NCTL's national legacy. Jennifer is leading the national policy and movement building agenda at the Lab to expand educational opportunities and supports for underserved students. Meanwhile, several of NCTL’s trained school coaches continue to provide technical assistance to implement time effectively in districts across the United States. Other NCTL alumni serve in leadership roles in charter school networks and school districts, and are continuing to work on important education improvement initiatives through other nonprofit organizations.   

Chris Gabrieli, NCTL's other co-founder, continues his education reform mission through his role as CEO of Empower Schools. Empower Schools is supporting the turnaround of schools in the “empowerment zone” in Springfield, MA; advocating for policy changes; doing important work in Denver, CO; and providing support to a variety of other districts. Chris also serves as the Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education which recently announced a digital learning initiative with many partners including edX and Partners HealthCare.

A new book featuring NCTL’s impact, Learning Time: In Pursuit of Educational Equity, was released in November 2017. Empower Schools also recently released important new tools resulting from a STEM grant to a network of ELT schools in Massachusetts. 

Although Jennifer and Chris are no longer a team leading NCTL’s work, they continue to be dedicated to causes focused on modernizing schools to better meet the needs of all children and to ensure students are prepared for success in higher education, careers and in life.