Developing State and District ELT Policy

We help states and districts access federal funding and support the development of state and local policies that enable the planning for and implementation of expanded learning time to empower teachers and accelerate student learning.

In Massachusetts we partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), the Governor, and the Legislature to launch the MA ELT Initiative, the first statewide policy in the country to provide competitive grants to schools that expand learning time. Established in 2005 with $500,000 to support school planning, the initiative currently serves over 12,200 students in 22 schools in 11 districts with $14.6 million in state funding and serves as a model to other states. Key features of the policy include:

  • Schools, with district support, volunteer to redesign their schedules and add at least 300 more hours (25-30%) for ALL students in the school; teacher agreements are negotiated locally
  • Schools add time in three areas:  (1) academic support; (2) enrichment programming, often provided by  community partners; and (3) teacher collaboration, planning and professional development
  • State funds up to $1,300 per pupil for implementing schools; school selection is competitive
  • Accountability is key—ESE, districts and school leadership agree on 3-year performance goals based on achievement and implementation measures to ensure continued funding