Assessing Readiness for School Redesign & Implementation

As a precursor to deep school redesign work, we support schools in assessing their readiness to expand learning time in an effort to customize a planning process to meet the needs of the district and schools.

In Indianola, MS, we first led district and school leadership through a time audit, analyzing the allocation of time across participating schools and within individual classrooms using our School Time Analysis Tool and the Classroom Time Analysis Tool. We then conducted a full-day site visit using our Ready 4 Redesign diagnostic tool. Together, the time audit and results of the diagnostic help to identify areas of lost instructional time that were recaptured and focused on priority subjects.  .

For schools operating with expanded time, we provide regular assessment of implementation to provide schools and districts with actionable feedback to accelerate improvement. In Lawrence, MA, we conduct ELT implementation monitoring assessments in schools twice each year, in the fall and in the spring, to inform school improvement efforts, help the district address common areas of need and identify best practices. During each day-long visit, a team of NCTL coaches and Lawrence district leaders assess the quality of implementation of the redesigned and expanded school schedule through observations, interviews, and the 50+ indicators in our ELT Progress Monitoring tool.