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NCTL partners with states, districts and schools across the country to optimize learning time in school. Schools that redesign, maximize and expand learning time are better able to meet the needs of their students and teachers and ensure every minute in school is used to promote student success.

We know that optimizing time in school is imperative, particularly in high-poverty communities. In addition to making better use of the current school day and year, expanding the school calendar by 300 hours can give young people nearly two additional years of learning time across their K-12 experience that, when used well, has proven to have a profound effect on their achievement, engagement in and enjoyment of school, and overall life trajectory. The expanded learning time movement is growing as districts embrace the effective strategies necessary to close achievement and opportunity gaps and with the increasing levels of federal, state, and local resources being invested in education.  

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We have worked with numerous state departments of education, supported more than 100 districts and schools, and studied how successful district and charter schools use time to support teacher quality and increased student achievement and engagement. We provide expert support to schools, districts, and states in their work to ensure all time kids spend in school is valuable, and help them capitalize on the promise of expanded learning time to provide students and teachers with a rich and engaging learning environment.