Expanded Learning Time Segment on the NBC Nightly News

Did you watch NBC Nightly News last night? In case you missed it, they highlighted how Boston Public Schools are planning to add an additional forty minutes to their school day next year. Watch here.

The segment highlighted the great work that is happening within the Eliot School, a Boston K-8 school which has already expanded their schedule. The piece showed dynamic lessons and engaged students and the school’s  implementation of fun and educational hands-on enrichment such as dance and robotics. Eliot School principal Traci Walker Griffith said, “It’s all about how you manage the minutes…by providing extra time, teachers have time to collaborate, students have enriching opportunities that they might not otherwise get.”

While there is some anxiety about the proposed new school day, the community seems optimistic that ELT will be implemented at the first cohort of 20 schools next year. Teachers will vote on the measure this week.  “As long as it benefits my son, I’m all for it,” said a Boston Public School parent in the segment.