Reflections on the ELT Planning Process

At the conclusion of this year’s TIME Collaborative planning proces, participants were asked to reflect on what they had learned about themselves, their schools, and their communities. Here is a selection of the responses we heard: 
I used to think students wouldn’t react well to an expanded day. Now I know students are eager to attend early and learn the exciting things we’re doing.” – CT TIME Collaborative Principal
I used to think that adding more time would be a huge burden on teachers and unappealing to students.  Now I know that the benefits of adding time outweigh all else. Adding time will allow me to become a more effective teacher, provide time to learn from others and provide students with the level of quality instruction they need and they deserve.” – MA TIME Collaborative Teacher
I used to think that expanding the day wouldn’t be a viable possibility.  Now, I truly see this as a valuable opportunity to build community, develop teacher leaders, and that it really might be possible.” – CO TIME Collaborative District Representative
I used to think if we aren’t successful now, what evidence is there that doing the same thing more will work? Now I know more time is more than just extra time. More time gives our students the opportunity to build the background experiences that wealthier communities have.” – MA TIME Collaborative Teacher
I used to think expanded learning time would be too much for elementary kids. Now I know ELT means kids have more opportunities for success in life and fun in school!” – NY TIME Collaborative Teacher
I used to think we wouldn’t be able to create a sustainable schedule without a significant cost increase. Now I know it is possible!” – CT TIME Collaborative Principal