More Learning Time is Key Factor to Raising Achievement

There is plenty of evidence demonstrating that more time in school can help students learn a broader set of skills and subjects. If you want the hard facts, check out our ELT research section. Not only does more learning time play a pivotal role in enabling a well-rounded education,  we know that expanding learning time can lead to accelerated student achievement.  At NCTL the role that time plays in providing students a strong academic, enriched education is what drives our work, but we are also aware that learning time is one factor combined with other elements that leads to a high-quality learning environment.  In order to achieve that, we must focus on how we integrate more learning time in a way that raises educational quality and optimizes learning.

  • -When our team works with a school redesign team, they focus their work on the following key turnaround principles, that in concert with time, can drive school success forward:  Incentivize a comprehensive school redesign through a thoughtful and strategic planning process
  • -Build strong teacher leadership and collaboration
  • -Use  of data for goal-setting
  • -Enable teachers to target interventions and acceleration for individual students  
  • -Develop a strong school culture with engaged students

More time used well in a combination with a larger school redesign strategy that supports effective teachers and leaders, accelerates student achievement  and promotes school culture can be the secret sauce to improving our struggling schools.  Have more questions on how this could look in your school? Contact Joe McKown for how we can help your district and/or school plan for and implement a redesigned and expanded school schedule.